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Walking Tours

The museum leads a number of tours of historic areas in the town and county of Culpeper. Program information is available on this website and on our Facebook page. Members receive advance notice of all upcoming programs.

Group walking tours are available on request subject to the museum’s schedule and  the availability of its staff and volunteers. Minimum group size is 10 people; maximum group size is 14. A minimum of two weeks advance notice is required.  Click here to view the museum’s walking tour policies.

Attendees should bring water, wear comfortable footwear and dress appropriately for weather conditions. To register, follow the registration button for each program. Attendance for each tour is strictly limited. All tours start at the Museum of Culpeper History unless otherwise noted in the tour description. Tours will be held rain or shine unless otherwise advertised.

Due to limited capacity, advance registration is highly recommended!

Culpeper Walks – George Washington’s Culpeper
Saturday, June 22
10: 00 AM
Admission $12.50

Before George Washington became America’s first great general and president he was a surveyor in Culpeper County. Washington became Culpeper County’s first surveyor at 17 years of age in 1749. Learn about how someone so young was able to become a county surveyor and about his first public position in Culpeper County. Learn about the many individuals in Culpeper who had connections with Washington from the county’s founding in 1749 until Washington’s death fifty years later. Join the museum for this walking tour of Washington’s sites and connections to Culpeper County in celebration of Culpeper County’s 275th birthday. 

Liberty Walks of Culpeper
Saturdays: July 6, August 10, September 14,
October 26, November 9

10:00 AM
Admission $12.50
Did you know that Culpeper played an important role in supporting the revolutionary cause in Virginia and in the events that influenced American independence? Learn about the people, places, and events shaped by Culpeper’s patriots and see how these activities were written into the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and other founding documents in this downtown walking tour led by staff and volunteers of the Museum of Culpeper History. Stories include the Culpeper Minute Men, religious liberty, western expansion, and the meaning of freedom.

Attendees should bring water, wear comfortable footwear and dress appropriately for weather conditions. Tours will be held rain or shine unless otherwise advertised.

Due to limited capacity, advance registration is highly recommended!

Past Tours

Culpeper Walks: North Main Street
This North Main Street Culpeper tour covers the development of North Main Street from 1749, when a young George Washington identified the location as a “high and pleasant situation.” See Culpeper grow through the colonial era to the Civil War, and beyond into the twentieth century. Learn about the major buildings and businesses, along with some of the important individuals who had businesses and residences in the North Main Street corridor from Davis to Edmondson Street.

Culpeper Walks: Washington & Lafayette
Two of the most important figures in the Revolutionary War were General George Washington and General Marquis de Lafayette and both of these great men have important connections to Culpeper. Washington and Lafayette’s ties to Culpeper are examined in this downtown Culpeper tour led by local historian and author Jmaes Bish which highlights the pathways and important associations that each of these men had with Culpeper, especially along Main (Coleman) Street.

Culpeper Walks: The Battle of Culpeper Court House
Few people know the details of the Battle of Culpeper Court House, fought in and around the town of Culpeper on September 13, 1863. Learn how violent conflict came to Culpeper’s very doorstep during the Civil War and what it meant for the community on this 160th anniversary tour.

Culpeper Walks – Mystery & Mayhem in Culpeper
Peer into the the strange, curious, and disturbing elements of Culpeper’s past in this walking tour of downtown. Hear stories of duels, tragic accidents, mysterious organizations, and more.

Battle of Kelly’s Ford Guided Tour
Although overshadowed by the much larger Battle of Brandy Station several months later, the Battle of Kelly’s Ford on March 17, 1863 was a significant marker in the growing capacity of the United States cavalry to meet and defeat its Confederate counterparts during the American Civil War. The battle resulted in the death of Alabama native Major John Pelham, whose celebrity status during and after the war still impacts Culpeper County’s landscape.  This walking/ driving tour includes three stops around the battlefield with short walks of up to 3/4 mile at each location. 

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