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Education Rocks!

Education is our KEY TO SUCCESS!

The Museum’s main mission is to educate… and we do so with every program and special event we design.  Scroll down to see what’s available for YOUR child.


The Kidz Discovery Zone©

When the Museum moved to the historic train depot in 2014 we realized one long-time dream – the creation of a gallery dedicated specifically to children. The “Kidz” zone has a wide range of hands-on activities that children and their parents, guardians and grandparents can use to “discover” Culpeper’s history. Puppets, dinosaurs, puzzles, pencils and crayons, chalk, books, and games are available to all visitors.

Children’s Programs

The following programs have been designed for children.  

  • WeeOnes
  • History TravelingTrunks©
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Night at the Museum: movie, sleep-overs (Scouts, birthday parties, etc.)
  • Camp Culley: a unique week-long history day camp
  • Peek n’ Keep: selected books for children to take home

Most programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your group or child. Please contact Gloria Cooper, Education Coordinator, for more information on how we can engage and educate your child(ren) at (540) 829-1749.

Camp Culley logo

    Culley says, come to my museum and discover all of Culpeper’s history!  


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