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Battles in Culpeper County, Virginia, 1861-1865… And Other Articles by Major Daniel A. Grimsley of the Sixth Virginia Cavalry


by The Society for the Preservation of Culpeper History
Paper Back | McClung Companies | Waynesboro, VA | 2007
ISBN: 978-0-9798960-0-2
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Daniel Grimsley was in that generation of men just the right age to serve throughout the Civil War with physical vigor; and of sufficiently sound and sober emotional makeup not to suffer overwhelmingly from its effects. He rose from modest private to commander of one of Virginia's famed cavalry regiments. He referred to himself as Major, rather than Lieutenant Colonel, because although briefly serving in the latter capacity, he was not officially promoted to that rank before the war ended.

Grimsley apparently began writing his wartime experiences in the late 1880's, about the time he completed a term as a Delegate in Richmond and was appointed Circuit Court judge. His writings would have appeared in the Culpeper Exponent which explains why Mr. Green, its Editor, compiled them in 1900.

This reprint edition has replicated the original edition and includes even misprints, typographical errors, and typeset failings in order to recreate the original manuscript as close as possible.

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