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A 3-5 minute film featuring the Museum of Culpeper History!

The Legal stuff: our vision, mission and purpose


The Vision of the Museum of Culpeper History is to be a catalyst to ensure that history becomes an integral component in the economic, social and governmental life of the community


The Mission of the Museum of Culpeper History is to actively promote an awareness of history for residents and visitors through education, interpretation, presentation and preservation.


firearmsThe Museum of Culpeper History (MCH) is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to three goals; to attract … to engage … and to educate.

The purpose of the Museum of Culpeper History is primarily to collect, preserve and exhibit significant artifacts and memorabilia reflecting the people, places and events that continue to shape the character of Culpeper and the surrounding area. Collaterally, the Museum will serve as a resource for students of all ages to research and explore history, geography, math and economics, as well as provide an interactive resource and program-oriented organization boosting tourism and the local economy.

Culpeper’s history is rich and diverse with the potential of becoming a powerful resource for education, economic development and an enhanced quality of life and community pride. The Museum has built a remarkable facility that honors and preserves the memorabilia and memories of its people, places and events – those that have shaped the destiny of this rural Virginia region. To stop there, however, could relegate the museum to mediocrity, just another small museum displaying an interesting assortment of artifacts. A state-of-the-art exhibit plan, creative programming and an aggressive marketing plan, enables the Museum to attract, engage and educate,  thus establishing an unparalleled experience without comparison in a 100 mile radius. Visitors have called MCH “a mini-Smithsonian” because of its exhibitions, interactives and programming.



Culpeper County History


  • 215 million year old dinosaur tracks (largest number of tracks found at any single site in the United States)
  • Native American village sites and tool and weapons factories
  • Home of the famous American Revolution militia, the “Culpeper Minute Men”
  • The ruins of an extensive and well traveled 19th century canal system on the Rappahannock River
  • Trenches, fortifications and artifacts left behind from 160+ battles and the largest encampment (120,000 troops) of the American Civil War
  • Home of Eppa Rixey, pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds and a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and Pete Hill – TWO baseball Hall of Famers!
  • A vast array of text book examples of turn of the 20th century commercial architecture, and a national award winning conservation program known as the Mountain Run Watershed Project
  • Farmland under successful cultivation for more than 250 years.

The list goes on, but the message is clear… Culpeper is brimming with historical attributes. Furthermore, a discussion of the natural assets, strategic location and economic vitality of the town and county is yet another story for another day.

History of the Museum

  • Established as the Culpeper Cavalry Museum in 1977 on W. Davis Street
  • Opened at the E. Davis Street location in 1992
  • Opened at 803 S. Main Street in July 2000 and broadened its mission: became the Museum of Culpeper History
  • Opened in the historic train depot at 113 S. Commerce Street in April 2014
  • Governed by a volunteer self-perpetuating 15 member Board of Trustees
  • Funding sources include: local grants from Town and County, memberships, donations, fundraisers, and museum shop sales
  • Visitations currently average about 12,000 per year, representing every state and to date 36 countries.
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